XML Error: not well-formed (invalid token) SOLUTION

Hi to the forum.
I'm a newbie I haven't done hardly nothing with CryEngine, but always have been there the will to do it.

I know there will be a huge amount of problems and stoppers in my way, but right now I feel victorius and glad to share this with you. I hope "save the life" to some people that be tempted to desist in the very firsts problems.

So, here we go, we prepared our (test, to be honest) meshes, grab our DCC exporter to prepare some stuff for CryEngine and... wham!: Two errors, nothing exported, completely stuck.
XML Error: not well-formed (invalid token) when RC was reading our -generated by the exporter- "name".dae.zip.

I've been two hours reading everywhere, but to be short: It's your Windows user name. Yes. Seriously. Take a look at your windows user name, and if there is some letter out of english language (like ö, í, ñ, ô), that's the problem.

Find in windows finder "netplwiz" (user accounts), double click on your user name and change "User name" and "Full name" to something without non-english characters, Ok > Ok, and reboot.

So yes, this problem will affect mainly non english people, thing that surprises me a little bit, since Crytek is a german company, and german alphabet haves its own "special" characters.

There is no much more, now I can continue till the next problem, but now I can get out my work from Maya to CryEngine, so very important step. If you want to know a little bit more about this, continue reading.

After some hours, I readed about "not well-formed" and it means, there is some invalid character. Not the first time we have problems for that, uh?, so I needed to check the .dae file exporter was generating, and rc was unable to read. Impossible. CryMaya exporter deletes .dae.zip file in an instant. So I needed to put my Maya window in a corner, let the exporter at one side and the explorer window where the file was being generated at the other. Generate it, and Windows doesn't refresh folder quick enough to see the file appear and dissappear... meh... I used the explorer search inside that folder. generate and put searcher to work more or less at the same time. It appears, over half a second.
Ok, again. I could select it and Control+C. Control+V throws me an error: file doesn't exists. That's correct, it doesn't exists... generate again and quickly Control+V, and before being erased again, a progress bar has been so kindable to copy the .dae.zip file to the desktop.
Unzip the .dae, open it with notepad++ (thanks to god, .dae is a human readable file), and there it is, in line number five:
<author>My user name with a spanish typical character</author>
Before any editing, I've used the Windows power shell to use the .dae file with rc, you know "./rc.exe .dae file", the same error I could read in maya exporter. So this time, I edited .dae file removing the spanish character and executed the command again. It works, bye bye errors.
So, the next is... where this "author name" comes from?. Yes, from my Windows User account, that luckily it was containing two empty spaces between name and surname (a misspell that I made willfully because windows doesn't lets you repeat a name when you change login between "windows live accounts" or "local accounts").
There is no much more story so far, I taked a look how to -really- change user name (with netplwiz of the own windows), and everything running.

Thanks for reading, I hope be able to keep finding problems and workarounds and keep sharing here.

If Crytek wants to make Resource Compiler ignore the fifth line, or change invalid characters for valid ones, or remove it, or another kind of workaround, will be a good update, but while that happens, I leave this here.

Greetings to the forum.

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