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Hi CryEngineers

In the last weeks I discovered some awesome new plugins for CryEngine which brought me to the idea of doing a plugin overview discussion.
I´ll try to keep this site up to date and add new plugins when they are announced/ change the status.

If you want me to add a plugin then write an answer in this topic or send me a PM and I´ll add it. Also please contact me if there´s something you want to see corrected. ;)

I hope this list is helpful!


AI Fury
Author: fury22uk
Status: In development
Info: This application is an AI system that can be used without programming! Allthough in development it´s already looking quite promising. And the best thing: You don´t need GameSDK!

Bcry exporter
Author: feedbackex
Status: Released
Download: [Link Removed]
Info: The beloved Blender to Cryegnine exporter. It´s a tool I´m using a lot. It has so many awesome features that I prefer it over the official fbx import. It´s the continuation of CrBlend and includes cool features like Bone Orientation Exporting, Area Weighted Surface Normals, Physicalize Character, Player SDK, Generate Materials ,Level of Details, Custom Normals ,VCloth V2, Fully Documented Website.
For more infos head over to the CE forum topic

Boid system
Author: Wasted Studios
Status: Released
Download: ... oid-plugin
Info: A free tool to easily create boids flying around in your level. The package comes with a sample asset from the GameSDK to quickly get started and test the tool itself. It´s also shipping an installation instruction pdf including some explanations for the modifiers you are able to use with the boid system. Additionally an enhanced paid version of the boid plugin with a lot more functionality and source code included is planned.

CryGUI C# and (future C++ Loader)#1
Author: amtp
Status: In development
Info: "You can already create gui on this data and use it in your game. CryGUI supports dynamic loading custom controls.". A Cryengine UI pipeline (working inEngine. Looks very promising and looks already quite powerful! The video below shows some of it´s features.

[CEVPlayer] - Video playback in CRYENGINE V#1
Author: chernecoff
Status: Released
CryVideoPlugin - plugin for CRYENGINE V allowing you to play video on the screen and on the game objects
It's includes :
* Flowgraph nodes for creating video player (Screen video / Texture video)
* VideoPlayerComponent for easy integration with new components system
* Schematic functions for easy creation schematic entitys with video player component
* Example project for fast study functionality
* Full source code
* Absolutly free license
More infos on the original thread

Procedural and random generator plugin
Author: CryEngine V Game Systems RPG
Status: Released
Download: [Link Removed]
Info: A random generator which places objects procedually. There´s not much exact info about this except the three video tutorials on youtube. It seems to be quite powerful. Allthough I´m not a huge fan of procedual generation it might be interesting or some community members out there!

SpartialOS integration
Author: Automaton games
Status: Released
Info: The SpartialOS integration by the ambitionous and talented Automaton games. Might not be interesting for the usual Crydev but is a welcome application.

Spear GUI
Author: Evgeniy M
Status: In development
Info: "SpearGUI" is the all-in-one solution for the CRYENGINE Sandbox ingame GUI pipeline." (description on Youtube). This is a very promising looking project which adds a much needed feature into Cryengine.

Splash Screen Example Plugin
Author: uniflare
Status: Released
Download: ... ple-plugin
Info: Splash Example Plugin is a simple, light-weight splash screen rendering plugin with several features such as: Drop and play, compatible with engine templates and GameZero/GameSDK Sample project,
renders an 'Initial' Splash texture in windowed mode immediately (first), renders a 'Main' Splash texture in windowed or fullscreen mode, extra documentation for learning/understanding the example plugin' concept ,verbosely commented source code (available on github) ,automatically overrides original splash screen routine (if any). More infos in the official topic

UI fury
Author: fury22uk
Status: In development
Info: Quite similar to AI fury - just with UI. Definitely an application I´m very excited about!

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Re: Cryengine plugin overview

Wow, never expected my plugin to be mentioned anywhere. So thanks. So.. about AI Fury.. its 0.5 Beta will be released within a couple of days and for free. If it comes to UI Fury, nothing to show yet, still thinking what approach I should take. It will most likely use my small "engine" that AI Fury does, so there will be a visual editor where you can place your ui objects, but if it comes to the logic (still want to keep it programming-free), I will either hook it up to the flowgraph, or use my node editor, we will see, but UI Fury is definitely app, that most of people ask me about, even more than AI.

AI Fury will not require any programming. Just flowgraphs. But don't overthink it.. you still need to program your game logic. Like weapon system, item system, whatever your project requires. So I can't include "pick up" or "weapon fire" nodes in AI Fury, because this belongs to your own game logic. What I will include though, is possibility of your AI to path find easily, to be able to see and hear things you want, and hide at hidepoints. This will be the base I provide. That's all I can do.
Cryengine tutorial videos on my Youtube channel! Check it out !

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