Re: Automerge question

Is Extended Bending tech from Robinson enabled in the Material Editor for that specific mesh? By default they wiggle like crazy until you find the perfect value. If you are running 5.4 that is.
I'm on 5.3.
So you are telling me that this can't be fixed if i don't upgrade to 5.4?

Re: Automerge question

Perhaps Automerge was broken in 5.3? If so, check Github for a fix, if's it's there, implement it or update to 5.4.
I have created map with 5.3 version, so is it gonna work with 5.4 without problems? Here it is: viewtopic.php?f=43&t=4141
At the moment map has my assets (textures, 3d models like trees, grass) and some which are free. And i did my lighting. So that's it, and i guess it should work?

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