crytiff exporter can not generate output

since i update to 5.4 i can export textures to crytiff format, but i can not generate material .dds, when i try to it, select generate output, proceed...but ever in 0% , sometimes progress bar dissapear, click ok and error message, "unable to save as "..." cancelled by user (or rc.exe fail)" i reinstall with new crytools package, but problem not solve

Re: crytiff exporter can not generate output


Could you maybe provide more details or reproduction steps ? Also it's not necessary anymore to generate the crytiff files in 5.4, you can export your texture to any common image format and drag and drop it into the asset browser or go to File->Import and then select the file you want to import. This will trigger the engine to generate the dds file and you can start using that texture in your material.
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