3DS Studio Export. Error physicalizing

I'm having a problem with exporting a mesh with 2 sub-materials. Only a small part of the mesh has the sub-material with "Physicalize" applied to it. When this is exported, all of the mesh regardless of sub-material is applied to the 65535 vert limit on physicalized objects, thus producing an error. In my mind, it seems like only the portion of the mesh with that sub-material attached should be applied to that limit. This error can be avoided by splitting the physicalized section into another node and manually linking it to the main mesh. The documentation implies that this is "A" correct way of getting the results I expect, but it also seems to imply that having it be one mesh with separate sub-materials should work too? Is there something I'm doing wrong

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It is odd that it doesn't physicalize properly if you are using two sub-materials and they are both set to their own part of the model. Another option is to use a lower polycount mesh as a proxy, but if you have a high poly mesh it is hard to do. Would you mind posting the model, or images of your material setup and how they are linked to the model?

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The problem was that you hadn't made another instance of the object (with a much lower poly count then the original). If you are going to use another object as a proxy you need to make a child to the original object and name it with a $proxy_ prefix. You also need to make a multi material with two or more sub materials, with one being for the proxy and one/the rest for the model texture. Then you need to make assign the different sub materials to it's right object.

Here is the corrected file:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5aOX4 ... sp=sharing

Re: 3DS Studio Export. Error physicalizing

The model I have is setup as you described, but it was not a child node or named with the $proxy name style. I discovered the "child/$proxy" method of doing this early in the process. The problem I have, which I might have poorly explained, is that it seems like poor documentation/conveyance that this is the best way to go about physicaliziation. IMO I feel like the step of applying the correct material to what I want to physicalize, should be enough to separate it from the core geometry.

"It can be part of the visible geometry or linked to it as a separate node. Usually the physics proxy geometry is a simplified version of the render geometry but it is also possible to use the render geometry directly for physics. "

My expected results from what I read is:
If I put a sub-material with physicalized "checked" onto part of a mesh, only that part of the mesh should be physicalized. This is obviously not the case though.

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