SpartialOS in Cryengine V

Maybe some of you noticed it. Automaton UK (the developer of "Deceit") announced a new MMO- Shooter in Cryengine. It sounds pretty ambitious:
"Powered by Improbable's cloud-based SpatialOS tech and the CryEngine, the currently in-development "cutting-edge" and untitled MMO tactical shooter will support 1,000 concurrent players within a shared world, however will also include a last-person standing, PUBG-like arena combat mode that supports up to 400 players "in direct combat"." (PcGamer: ... t-players/)

Well, that sounds interesting and in my opinion this is some sort of game Cryengine needs to get popular again but thanks Automaton has made a plugin for Cryengine to work with SpartialOS:
I just wanted to bring this up because this Plugin ist easily overseen (I just found it via coincidence on Automaton's Website under the projects tab)

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