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Can anyone help with cga export? I want to export multiple animated objects from blender, but their pivots not in the center of coordinates 0.0.0., and when i make parent root for this objects (to export one .cga file ) they moves to root's pivot coordinates in cryengine. ... bF1D48.jpg here is the example.

If i would make pivots right at 0.0.0 everything works fine. But i need to rotate around my current pivot, and i dont want to keyframe each frame, bcs i need rotate right at this 3d cursor coordinates (there is pivot also).
Well that´s new to me. The only advise I could give you is to delete the scale keyframes if you dont need them. I exported a cga file with multiple objects myself and the anm file worked almost perfectly.
Exporting to CE worked completely fine
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Problems were: each object could only contain 2 keyframes (when exporting multiple objects in one anm file; if I just exported one object in an anm file it could containe more keyframes. But parenting worked so it was ok All I did was following the steps in the BCry manual ((cga + anm) ... exporting/)

I hope any of this information can help!
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