3ds max 2017 to cryengine 5

Hey guys, So i got the free student version of 3ds max 2017, which includes everything they offer. I tried following the manuals steps. I copied the loadcrymaxtools into autodesk-3dsmax2017-scripts-startup. This is what the tutorial told me to do. When I start 3dsmax however, it tells me "no cryengine 3 exporter found". I am at a complete loss.

So I have cryengine V installed and working, and I also have 3ds max 2017 installed and working. but I don't know how to set them both up to make it work. The tutorials I found are not really helpful and don't explain a lot. Help would be greatly appreciated.



Re: 3ds max 2017 to cryengine 5

All working in 2017,
goto Crytek\CRYENGINE Launcher\Crytek\CRYENGINE_5.3\Tools run SettingsMgr.exe click Use SettingsMgr.exes location and you sould get the 2 green ticks.
Then run CryToolsInstaller.exe as admin click install and 3ds max 2017.
and it will install the plugin for you.
Hope it helps
hi, does not working, i have just one green tick on tools. please help///

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