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Hey guys,
I 'd like to make a small island survival game, but then I've got a problem in the Cryengine Launcher:
I wanted to install some assests, i've already downloaded them on the website, but as I to clicked on the "Submit Assests" Button, the Launcher did absolutely nothing. I even couldn't open my Assests folder. Everytime as i clicked on the "My Assests" button, a little image appeared at the top of the screen and vanished after seconds.

I've never experimented with Cryengine bevore, so I'd be very happy if someone could help me.


Re: Cryengine Submit Assests

Hi ZhileZhu,

  • Please logout, close, then reopen and login to the launcher.
  • Please confirm your launcher is currently up-to-date. To do this:
    1. Open and login to the Launcher.
    2. Click the settings cog at the top-right of the screen.
    3. Click the About option.
    The latest version as of the time of writing this is CRYENGINE Launcher 1.10.5 (Build 1).
  • Please make sure you have proceed through the shopping cart stage after selecting assets on the CRYENGINE Marketplace:
  • In the Launcher click Library->My Assets and you should see a list of the assets you have redeemed from the CRYENGINE Marketplace.
Please let us know if you continue to have issues.
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