Cryengine to Blender

I was trying to export some trees from cryengine to blender.
I want to merge a group of trees to 1 mesh. But when I tried to import it to blender (and maya) nothing changed.
So is there any other way?
Thank you
Hi, I am making a Jurassic Park Game on Cryengine.

Re: Cryengine to Blender

I want to merge trees to one mesh because that's better for performance. Not grouping or linking.
You mean convert to deisgner object > export as .obj to Blender? Not sure whether this is a good idea but if you wish you can try it. Keep in mind that some of the mesh (vertex) information may be lost during the process. I'd imagine it would work for static meshes. Also keep in mind asset license.. I think you should not modify stock assets but that is another story.

Re performance -- shouldn't be better to create more LODs? Just a though. Anyway, good luck, hope it helps.
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