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Hello everyone!

Is it possible to assign material on the mesh, in to the mesh material slots?
For example, in like in UE4. We creale a mesh with a few materials assigned in 3ds max. Maya or any 3d software, then export it to the UE4. In UE4 asset browser we have our mesh with few material slots, and we can assign any material which is created in UE4, in to those material slots on our mesh. All most the same technic in Unity.
In Cryengine, after import mesh, we open it in content browser, in fbx import tool. And there we have a multi material with sub materials, but how to assign your materials which is created in Cryengine in each slot independently?

Re: Assign material on mesh

Hi Zumwolt,
At the moment in order to assign a single material which already exists as a sub-material in a multimaterial,
you would need to recreate this single material as a sub-one. For the sake of convenience you can copy the settings
from the single material into the settings of the sub-material. In order to do this : right click on the relevant tab of the copied materials properties (for example material settings, opacity settings, texture maps etc) and "copy". Then select the sub-material which you want to be the same and right click on the relevant tab inside properties, and select "paste".
The material tab in FBX importer allows you to assign specific sub-materials to specific slots, but you have to have the parent multi-material assigned first.

Re: Assign material on mesh

Hi, thank you.
Or as i found also, you can just create another multimaterial with for example 8-10 submaterials, and then substitute your mesh multimaterial to that custom multimaterial inFBX exporter, even though mesh has only 2-3 material slots, then you can choice one of those 8-10 submaterials for each slot.

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