Engine cannot open my Encrypted pak files

Hi, we are currently trying to encrypt our pak files and it seems to be working (the files cannot be open with zip programs such as 7-zip) - the problem is that the engine cannot open them either.

What I have done:
- used the resource compiler to create pak files (signed i believe as they can still be open with 7-zip)
- run \Tools\PakEncrypt\KeyGen.exe and gotten the key.h and key.dat file
- open the engine (gameSDK) code and inserted the generated key in gameStartup.cpp and compiled it in release x64
- run the \Tools\PakEncrypt\dist\ParseBuild\ParseBuild.exe to make encrypted pak files
- collected the Assets (with encryped .paks), engine, bin folders and the system.cfg into a new folder (had some trouble to find the correct collection of files for release -- viewtopic.php?f=15&t=988
- run GameLauncher.exe from the new folder (/bin/release)

....and then I see a black screen for a moment and then it crashes -- What is weird is that it runs fine (in release) with non-encrypted .paks

I tried deleting the .pak files completely and the engine crashes in exactly the same way (hence my suspicion that it cannot open the .paks)

What am I doing wrong?

/Best Mikael Olsen, Investigate North

Re: Engine cannot open my Encrypted pak files

Force log_verbosity 4 in release (requires manual edit).
Attach a log using the encrypted pak.

Make sure you only encrypt, don't sign and encrypt.

Make sure the defines required for encrypted paks are enabled in the engine that you build eg.

Enable and disable these as required. Also, note where these are defined - gives some info as to their use.

good luck

There are 3 different methods of PAK encryption in CE atm, so make sure you use the latest one, and that it matches what pakencrypt is using. (never used this tool so no idea).
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