Re: Affordable Mocap Suggestions

Rokoko is currently having shipping/fulfillment issues, but the previous version has been decent enough.
Usually I stage into Blender, then make my FBX and export to whatever engine I need to work on.

Sure thing, the current version is not exactly affordable anymore .
However "IN THEORY" their newest iteration with AI/ML powered animation clean up should be one of the best (read as involving less effort) experiences out there.

Facial mo-cap - probably still use Faceware. But I hate Apple, so I'm very partial to this :P

Your only other alternative would be Perception Neutron.

Obviously, there's always the old school way to do things - 3 cine cameras, ball trackers on black suits. And a lot of work - which may make it better for you to just pay a motion capture studio session and have it all done professionally rather than experimenting.
That said, you can get a decent set up with vive trackers, 6 PS3 cameras, and a bit of sotering work at around a $600 cost. The quality is nowhere near what you get from professional studios, or professional solutions - obviously...

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