Affordable Mocap Suggestions

Hi everyone!

Pete here again! I'd love to get some feedback and suggestions on what motion capture setup you/your studio may have and recommend.

The game we're currently developing using CryEngine is a very story intensive and I want us to bring a better focus on detail in our character animations.

We are just an indie developer team though and budget may be a bit scarce. But we're willing to invest for the gear and I'd love to get some feedback on anyone's suggestions on what mocap setup you use.

We're using Blender, Substance Painter, and Quixel's asset pack (MegaScans, Bridge, etc), as our main 3D Modelling and texturing software. And, while I know CryEngine has proper integration with Maya, we're not keen on going with Maya yet.

Thanks so much.

Re: Affordable Mocap Suggestions

Rokoko is currently having shipping/fulfillment issues, but the previous version has been decent enough.
Usually I stage into Blender, then make my FBX and export to whatever engine I need to work on.

Sure thing, the current version is not exactly affordable anymore .
However "IN THEORY" their newest iteration with AI/ML powered animation clean up should be one of the best (read as involving less effort) experiences out there.

Facial mo-cap - probably still use Faceware. But I hate Apple, so I'm very partial to this :P

Your only other alternative would be Perception Neutron.

Obviously, there's always the old school way to do things - 3 cine cameras, ball trackers on black suits. And a lot of work - which may make it better for you to just pay a motion capture studio session and have it all done professionally rather than experimenting.
That said, you can get a decent set up with vive trackers, 6 PS3 cameras, and a bit of sotering work at around a $600 cost. The quality is nowhere near what you get from professional studios, or professional solutions - obviously...

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