Hunt Showdown's/Cryengine's gi

I'm not sure of how logical this topic is but, why Hunt Showdown has got many lighting issues? (BTW, it has got many brightness problem in its textures) Its lighting is one of worst lighting I've ever seen in Crytek games.
The game actually looks good and is good but the lighting make it worse than it is. Am i wrong? Will it be fixed? Is that Cryengine's problem or artist's bad?
And, if it's Cryengine's problem and will be fixed, that'd mean, we'd see it in new releases, right?(If it'd be of course, becaus as u see, i'm not sure of it. i'm not the one who uses gi much...)
(BTW, this question's not only about Hunt game as you see. In the past, i saw some problems about shadows when i turn gi on.)

Re: Hunt Showdown's/Cryengine's gi

Regarding Hunt you will want to provide the feedback to the appropriate channel, as this is CRYENGINE rather than Hunt support.
If you are experiencing issues with CRYENGINE regarding SVOTI it would be best to provide some pictures and reproducible steps so that we can investigate the issue.
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