Re: Rendering mesh for UI purposes

Yes, I know that flag, and yes - I used it, and it did not change anything AT ALL. Well I tested it on the pure FirstPersonShooter template (c++) on the Example map. No changes at all. Just spawned entity on button press, and assigned this flag to it. It still intersects with those cubes in there. I tried assigning this flag prior to load geometry and after, none of these make any difference
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Re: Rendering mesh for UI purposes

Interesting, I just tested using the FPS template and it appears to work for me (Whole character set to Render Nearest).
This is what I did:

First, I moved the ResetCharacter() method from the Revive() method into the end of the Initialize() method, before the Revive() call.
Then I set the render flags for the character slot to render nearest after.

So the end of the Initialize() method now looks like this:

Code: Select all


// Moved here to prevent adding slots on every revive

int slotId = m_pEntity->GetSlotCount() -1; // Character slot will now always be first free slot - refer to ResetCharacter()
m_pEntity->GetSlotFlags(slotId) | ENTITY_SLOT_RENDER_NEAREST &~ENTITY_SLOT_RENDER); // Remove standard render flag to prevent rendering twice.

// To prevent object clipping on cameras near plane

Hope this helps.
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