Rendering - Optmization issue

On this video you can see my problem.
Is about like... when I stop looking at the window. It is no longer rendered.
My mesh is a cdf - this glass and wood on the windows is .skin my chr is just a not visible plane mesh.
(also is like when the pivot of this mesh is not on the screen.. it stop rendering my mesh)

The reason why I want to use a .cdf and why I will make "cinematic" the character "Hanna" by opening the window.
And I find it easier by animation .caf

Or will I have to use .cgf and do the animation manually inside the engine? ...

Re: Rendering - Optmization issue

this happens to me when I use a Geom Entity. In your case, having it as an animated cga is probably your best course of action, as you should really only use cdfs and skinned objects for characters and stuff like that; Things you set up in the character editor
Thats funny. if you said to me to use cdf.

but I said before that with cga is working normaly. I fixed.

before I was using cdf and with cdf it starts all the problem.

in resume thanks but I am using cga

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