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Cry-miron, tell two of them, if you don't know tell what you know. It could be quick in terms of finding a solution. Otherwise subject can be prolonged. This forum isn't like facebook's inbox, you know.
Please keep it civil and show respect to everyone participating in a conversation, especially our developers. They are coming back to your feedback and problems in their downtime from work - helping out here is going the extra mile because they care a lot for our community. It isn't their main task, so answers might take a while.
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Re: Code time/day

Just for those who find this thread in the future:

c# Current Time:

c# (Cryengine 5.5) Current Time of Day (will return a float value ):
(I only tested it in c++)

c++ (ce 5.3)
ITimeOfDay* pTOD = gEnv->p3DEngine->GetTimeOfDay();

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