Questions about the gbuffer / need normals at the end of graphics pipeline


I have accomplished what I wanted and the reason I guess I did not get an answer (besides time!). Is probably it all depends where you attempt to retrieve information.
For example, creating an outline effect without having to rewrite the whole pipeline, you would want to use whatever is available in the current stage.
Maybe you have access to high quality normals, or perhaps you need to use depth. Maybe both, or even recreate the normals from depth.

Depending on the quality you are after.

It takes a bit getting used to I suppose, and many registers are being reused from one stage to another. So figuring out what you have available at your stage, can be time consuming.
I used renderdoc and captured a log from the game launcher. Even if it was not my project, it made it easy to follow the different stages / passes. Where changes had to be made etc.

I ended up not decoding the gbuffer at all, because it gave me useless information at that stage.

Re: Questions about the gbuffer / need normals at the end of graphics pipeline

Nice I am really glad you resolved your issue!

Also please be aware a lot of people here don't have the first idea about shaders and rendering (a lot i mean most). The few that do are probably rather busy and may not even look at the forums. AFAIK there is 1 full time guy solely on rendering on cryengine so getting info from him in this state might require the additional packages (as I am sure he is busy responding to those as well as internal stuff).

If possible it would be nice to see your solution, the rough steps you took or even a tutorial/guide. Some people here we're asking for this even though I'm sure you have modified the engine renderer/shading pipeline to fit your needs.

Anyway, glad you got it sorted :)
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