Editing postprocess effects or create new ones

Hello! I have been for weeks now changing how materials behave in light and shadows, working on my graphical vision :D

But one thing confuses me, and I still have no idea why this is.
Inside the shader folder are a couple files, PostEffects.CFX and PostEffectsGame.CFX. It seems that the code for editor effects like selection outline and overlays are done in PostEffects.
While radialBlur and other game related postprocess effects are in the later.

However , if I add a radialblur node in the track view. I make sure it is blurring the picture, and then remove ANY code that has anything to do with radialblur inside PostEffectsGame, it still blurs the image.
I find that no matter what postprocess effect I try changing in posteffectgame , no changes show up in game.

However if I set SelectionHighlight color to something like a solid red, within PostEffects.CFX, it shows in the editor when I select something.

So what exactly is PostEffectsGame.CFX ? Isnt it there one would change any current effects?

Re: Editing postprocess effects or create new ones

Game launcher, you mean as in the effects are only visible when you enter the game? ctrl + g or start it by launching the game?

EDIT: It might! If I enter game from the editor with ctrl + g, it shows the post processing effects and triggers some debug text I put in. When I enter launching the game, it shows nothing so I think you are right.
Did I forget to mention I am very new to this engine? :D
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Re: Editing postprocess effects or create new ones

Aha interesting! Yes my problem was I did not even test my changes properly :S
I set up a flowgraph entity
Added a flowgraph
Setup the triggering of certain effects
Exported the flowgraph
Exported to Engine

Thanks alot! Now it carries over to game launcher for proper testing :)

EDIT3: Finally made some progress, in HDRPostProcess.CFX the various post processing effects seem to be added together to produce the final image. What you then can do easily, is take the final pixel color and change it.

It seemed like the different OUT.Color variables in some post processing files like DepthOfField.CFX determined different settings like blur strengths etc. And not an acctual color.
Something to think about, dont quote any of this for the truth but if you are having problems altering the final image somehow it might be worth investigating.

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