Maximum number of lights

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I'm building a city at night and putting in it many Pointlights with maxinum view distance. When the camera moves up to see the whole scene, there are many Pointlights that are randomly turned off. I think the reason is that cryengine has restricted the number of lights turned on in a view. Does anyone know of a way to increase this number?

Re: Maximum number of lights

A bit late with a post, but yeah if you have a few hundred point lights on screen at one given time (i.e. zooming all the way out to view everything) then some will not render in and will be culled. To be exact it seems like more than 250 point lights. There is a CVar named e_ViewDistRatioLights which you could increase to something like 100, this might help to reduce the issue but will not fix it, it also might just make things more annoying from my testing.

Re: Maximum number of lights

If you need a lot of light sources with shadows on. 12! only 12! Light sources may be in the frame if more shadows begin to turn off and flicker. The engine is developing only global lighting, indoor lighting and for large scenes, a problem! There is a point (Shadows From Many Local Lights) in the roadmap, one hope that Crytek will listen to the community and implement it in 5.7

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