I'm part of a college research lab, currently and for a long time working on a Ancient Rome restitution.
We use CryEngine since the start of the project, and we recently updated our map to CE5.
We have some trouble with the renderer since that.
This is some screenshots with some debug view overlaying differents spots and differents conditions.
First, a classic view, with all nice CE features activated, V Clouds, V Fog, fancy water, GI and Cubemaps.
We are a 22 Fps, but rendering on the gpu side happen in a decent way, with 11 ms average.
Same result when we disable everything.

There is the "Audio"thread which seems to cause issues.
Did someone have encountered this problem and have a solution ?



Re: LostTime

I see,

This is a map from CE3.8?
Did you export layers and reimport or something else?

If you created a new map in CE 5.4, can you state whether you started with the templates or GameSDK project as a base?

Any and all info regarding the move would be helpful to diagnose and try to determine if this is a specific model or material causing the issue.
As well as any .cfg files with CVar changes that might cause this.


Is it just the frame time that is causing you issues or is it the second image being washed out? (I guess the second image is intentional to show no frametime change?)
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Re: LostTime

Hi and thanks for the fast reply,

The map was created on 3.4 and the move was from 3.6.15. The map can run smoothly on the 3.7 and 3.8.

We export layers but as the engine system have change ( now layers can't have layers childrens), we modify the .xml to desolidarize them and recreate folders to replace the parents layers.
Here is a sample of a .lyr.

Some materials and some .cgf were crashing on "migrate", we had to re-export them manually from 3DS as .cgf.

Also, we started our map with a blank project.
I join the autoexec.cfg which I slightly modify for rendering.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dJuXZ ... ndsMErC9dJ

The second image is a way to show the unchanged frametime. I switch off all the features I can from the renderer to validate the idea that it don't came from the GPU side.

Re: LostTime

...There is the "Audio"thread which seems to cause issues....
Hi, let me clarify what you're seeing there in regards to audio.

Those 44ms in the first screenshot is the accumulated waiting time of the audio thread during one main frame. Meaning in that particular example the main thread took 45.8ms to run once. Of those the audio thread waited 44.34ms. Having said that, in 5.5 the profiling received a few fixes additionally the audio thread was slowed down and numbers should look more sane. Seeing that you guys are on 5.4 I recommend you give 5.5 a try if possible. Also, to rule out involvement of audio threads there's this engine wide cvar to disable the entire audio system including its implementations. You might want to give that a try and see if it changes anything for you.

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Re: LostTime

Hello !
We finally choose to upgrade to 5.5 preview, and yes, our framerate is better than ever.
Our biggest level run easily at 90 fps.
We were wondering what improvement can cause this jump ?

Thanks again for the support and advices.

Re: LostTime

We were wondering what improvement can cause this jump ?
Improving performance is an ongoing task for the entire engine team. Over time we identify and fix bottlenecks in a combined effort. While at the time of this writing 5.5 isn't even out yet we already have further performance improvements waiting to be delivered via a subsequent engine release.

Good to hear things improved for you guys.

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