Documentation regarding networking in C#

Is there any kind of documentation about creating multiplayer games using C# in CryEngine?
The almost non-existent official documentation only mildly covers this topic when it comes to Lua for very old versions of CryEngine but there seems to be no mention at all of C# and networked entities/levels.
Some insight would be appreciated.

Re: Documentation regarding networking in C#

you have to expose c++ networking to c#
including client server function , RMI ... +Framework ... he+Network

problely you should add client server attribute

public float SpawnInterval { get; set; }

like unity

int health;

void RpcDamage(int amount)
Debug.Log("Took damage:" + amount);

Re: Documentation regarding networking in C#

For the 5.3 release there is no documentation about multiplayer over network specifically for C#. You might be able to figure out how to do it based on the C++ documentation, and then by using the CryEngine.Common namespace, to see if the required features are exposed properly. However I can't promise that it will work and if there won't be unexpected behavior since for 5.3 we haven't wrapped the networking yet.

We're currently working on expanding the capabilities of C# and if I'm not mistaken there is being worked on a stable solution for having multiplayer over network in C#. Sadly I don't know when or how this is going to be in the engine.

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