Re: Multiply levels in one server.

Your question doesn't explain much.

But is this for server side or client side?

Client side your gonna have to create a event trigger and when you click or walk or whatever location you just going to unload the map.. show a loading screen to hide the black background you will get and then load your new map.

Server side your gonna have to store the players cords and which map they are on. each client will be signed a map ID and start location. You can create a vector std::map and loop thru the maps to know what items are located where on what map. (then use packets to spawn and de-spawn these items base on this.

Can also use .xml to store your map id's and names and start locations and then just read them on the client and server side as well..

if you need code or whatever let me know.

Re: Multiply levels in one server.

Well.. what about server map ? When I run server instance, I have to load map to it. Isn't it going to disconnect me from server if I load certain map on the client ? I think it will. Cause at the moment server can have map loaded for example by using cvar map . I was thinking of creating one server where player can choose to be spawned on some maps, that ui would show, or like you said, approach some trigger point. Where triggering is not a problem, what I wanted to know is if cryengine server instance can handle multiple maps. Yeah, storing all that data is a piece of cake. The question is.. is it possible to load different map only on client side without disconnecting from the server.
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Re: Multiply levels in one server.

Sure you can run all your maps on one server might eat a lot of memory but that's up to your logic.

Your cvar map will have to be modified so that it can take more than just one instance.

Right now its just hard coded to load one instance base on the cvar map you send it.

You would need to write a function that would load multiple instances base on the variable.

I dont use cry engine server but are you using gamedll? Info about cvar map?

Re: Multiply levels in one server.

Each dedicated server instance is designed to simulate and sync players on a single map.
It would require extensive modification to run multiple maps on a single server instance. This could also cause more issues as you would likely need to separate maps on multiple threads.
With the current setup, you can simply run a separate dedicated server instance for each game being played. There should be no issues with that as long as of course you setup your lobby etc correctly to handle each instance as required.

Generally if you are changing maps on the server instance, you should still have a lobby connected and managing users in general. This way if and when the clients get disconnected you can handle this using the lobby system and control where players connect to and when.
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