Serialize std::vector

Hi. I am wondering if there is a way, and if there is, then how to achieve that? It does not matter if it's rmi or aspect. I do it with aspects.
I have declared vector:

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std::vector<string> vector1;
and I am trying to send it from server to client in NetSerialize (like usual variable)

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ser.Value("vector1", vector1);
The code crashes at this point in ISerialize.h. Is there a way to do it properly?
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Re: Serialize std::vector

i search ser.value in source code.
i find ser.Value(“Pos”,ref.m_vPos)

and SerializeBits.h

SSerializeVec4H template.

void CEntity::Serialize(TSerialize ser, int nFlags)

Thanks for this. This worked exactly as expected.
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Re: Serialize std::vector

CE only supports serialization for select standard types, as seen in SerializationTypes.h

CE for aspects does not support serialization of variable-size/length arrays/vectors/maps/etc.
You can loop over each entry in the vector and serialize them, provided it's the same size every time (for aspect)
e.g. a fixed-size vector filled with dummy values.
Only the values that change get sent over network anyways, thanks to deltas/etc.
(Although I've yet to figure out how their delta process works)

For RMI's sizing doesn't matter. Send whatever you want as long as it becomes one of those basic types.

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