Networking CE BUG

Here are a few lines of code from my project, note the 'warning':

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Ang3 pryC; pryC.x = CLAMP(look.tAng.x, (0 - pActVars->pitchLimit), pActVars->pitchLimit); pryC.z = CLAMP(look.tAng.z, (0 - pActVars->yawLimit), pActVars->yawLimit); /* WARNING!!!!! The above pryC auto-initializes pryC.y to 0 on the client, and something like - or + 504 on the server!!! WHY? if(gEnv->IsClient()){ CryLog("CLIENT pryC %f", pryC.y); }else{ CryLog("SERVER pryC %f", pryC.y); }*/
Lost about 5-7 hours on this since I thought I was either passing pitch/yaw wrong, skewing somewhere else, etc.
Ended up just randomly cry-logging related variables server vs client-side until I got to this.

If this is an issue on my part, please advise. I think this can be easily replicated.

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