Aspects/RMI's on non-player entities

As in title, how do I implement this?

I've tried (bogus is a component of IBogus). (Delegate to one random player that connected)
INetChannel *netChannel = gEnv->pGameFramework->GetNetChannel(pEntity->GetNetEntity()->GetChannelId());
gEnv->pNetContext->DelegateAuthority(g_pBogus->GetEntityId(), netChannel);

Plus 8 or so hours on other bug fixes + digging through CE's netcode....looking at ContextView etc. sure didn't help lol.

Bogus::NetSerialize doesn't trigger. Gagh....missing something obvious but it's just not working for me.

I just want aspect 'SampleAspect' to be ran through Bogus, to send a collection of entity-independent data from the Server to all the Clients.

Re: Aspects/RMI's on non-player entities

Nevermind, talked it over with Fury and well the problem was......

You have to always serialize at least one value or no aspect is triggered due to some hidden optimizations.

I was merely using the class to serialize OTHER classes and it looks like it wasn't triggering properly (?)

Prolly some other bugs, values are being sync'd wrong but anyways.....entire day on basically 'optimization hid some bugs'

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