Understanding connecting to server

Hi. I am trying to understand it, so anyone having any Knowledge about this, I encourage to discussion.

So the first question is.. why can I connect to dedicated server only when it is running a map? I am using local at the moment for learning purposes. When server doesn't have map loaded, the connection is impossible. It's fine if there is no way to do about it, I'm just trying to understand how it works.
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Re: Understanding connecting to server

I would most likely say it would have something to do with when players join, there is less time as they would not have to wait for it to load the map as well.

I remember GTA iv the maps were pre-loaded and the load time was just finding a lobby to connect to. And was usually 2 mins to load.

Now GTA v is not loaded and has to load it and I sometimes sit for 15 mins while it's loading the map.

So assuming that it's very similar I would assume it's load times and connecting players to an already loaded map is faster then waiting for the map to load.

Note the to GTA times are based and tested off Xbox 360.

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