Re: Rigid bodies network synchronization

cube is not exactly serialized? does cube sync function callback is invoked in client?

the bullet is the cube for your case. only local player should do rmi. the cube sync var should set from rigid property such as position , velocity, rotation in server, the cube should be set rigid property property using lerp to sync var in client. the cube should not do rmi on its own. player is the only one to do rmi.

such as
playermovecube( entityid cube );

Re: Rigid bodies network synchronization

no. just update it when you need and it is necessary. such as player interactive with one cube. just tell server to update the cube. not all the cube.

just learn from unity ... width.html
synced and rmis is sent in high frequency will consume high bandwidth, and cause delay and hiccupt. ... ng-objects
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Re: Rigid bodies network synchronization

another profiling methord is server just update client need.
for example, one player move the cube 100 meter away from player b. server do not need send player b the cube sync update. it is need to send when player b see the cube. so server should send each client difference thing according to their position , occlusion, visiablity .

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