Connect to Dedicated server trouble

Hi again,

Please help with another thing.

I have set up everything like in this tutorial to connect to a dedicated server: ... 2&t=130311

But I didn't succeed because I get an error message to console saying:

"variable [g_godMode] is marked [VF_CHEAT] with a value of [0] ...."

And it seems I'm getting kicked from the server after this warning.

It seems like this is a standard crytek anti-cheat system.


this var g_godmode hasn't been triggered anywhere in my case.

I mean, I've searched all autoexecs and config files and there's no signs of calling this variable.

I've been using default cry game menu and airfield map, so there's also no calls of godmode from flowgraph either.

So the question is: does somebody know what this could be? And is there any possible way of *maybe* deleting this functionality from the project so it won't be called no more?

Any solutions/thoughts/help could be great.


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