Third Person Camera in Game SDK Multiplayer


I'm trying to make a multiplayer gameplay over standard Game SDK multiplayer.

Let's say I didn't change anything from crytek code right now... Just playing with flowgraph to see which things are working and which are not in a multiplayer mode.

The problem is I found out standard Third Person mode in default multiplayer IS NOT available to switch to.

It can't be switched using a keyboard bind (f1 as a default)
It can't be switched using a flowgraph Simulate Input node with 'thirdperson' bind in it. Anyway, Simulate Input node is working just fine with other binds.

It seems like it is not allowed to change camera view in the default multiplayer.

What is a solution for this?

How can I enable default 3rd person mode in Game SDK multiplayer?

Any solution would be great, but I'm not that familiar with C++ much.

However, I feel a strong need of solving this problem, so if it's crucial I'm ready to dive into sourcecode :)

Please help. Thanks!

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