Network question dump

Bunch of stuff I'm still investigating, but here's some more questions regarding network.....

Why do RMI's have such a iffy delay?
I run a client/server on the same computer and I'm getting latency of 100-120ms for no apparent reason.
No frame overshoots, no excessive thread sleeps/etc, just large latency between RMI 'sent' and RMI received.
And this is after level loading (which kills frame hard and delays network synchronization by a lot :) )

How should I synchronize input?
Currently simulating input on Server using RMI's.
Client triggers input, copy of key press sent to Server.
Every frame also updates the combined mouse delta for yaw/pitch and sends to server via RMI, to preserve order with rest of input.

Toggling bit flags is nonsensical since order matters.
If I press A and release in 1 frame, I'd expect the same to be run on the server, not cancel itself out/etc.

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