Storing copies of network MementoHistory deltas

Attempting to hook onto the existing networking system in order to implement save/restore methods.

Since existing networking focuses on minimizing the size of data sent and tracks deltas, plus in a networked game most objects will use this serialization and it minimizes duplicate code.

Useful for e.g. Physics to prevent storing entire physics state, and merely save/apply delta's.

Would also need to somehow implement 'reverse delta', basically preserve original value of every var that is serialized.
One series of deltas lets me wind back, another lets me wind forward.

Since I'm not familiar with the network system, maybe someone could point me into the right direction of how to go about implementing this and if it's feasible.

Need a way to save state and roll to/from a state for lag compensation and a few other shenanagins.

Or, perhaps, just FetchFromGame(?) and store the resulting stream somehow?
Won't check history/etc. but at least saves it locally. Not sure how to tweak the memory pools/etc. though :\

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