VOIP in Online Multiplayer Games

Hello guys, I need help i would like to make a game (simple level design, multiplayer and the players can talk to each other using VOIP (voice over ip) technology.
i read about " Discord " but i do not want to use exterior programs. how can i make it inside CryEngine 5.5 using tools or any thing.
If I have a free VOIP server like "Elastix server" can i use this server with CryEngine.
Any idea helps me ): Thanks.

Re: VOIP in Online Multiplayer Games

make arrangement with GameSDK, inside the code for GameSDK you discover an envelope inside the answer for Network, there's a ton code there about matchmaking, VOIP, squad setup, Steam, etc.There is no in-constructed answer for VOIP in CRYENGINE.

You will require a capable developer to incorporate a VOIP library into CRYENGINE. For instance, Vivox

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