2 clients at a time hangs up channel finalization

Anyone here from crytek good with networking? Got a bug I'd love for someone to help solve.

The game channel is being created but the `SetRemoteChannelID` message never reaches the client. Once again, works fine for one client at a time but kills/hangs up something on the server(?) when there was ever more than one. (Server DOES get the _clients_ setremotechannelID message -.-)

Channel exists, isn't kill or disconnected, nub isn't dead, server does send the message but more'n likely something else blocks it somewhere cuz even if theres no remote ID it shouldn't freeze.Just by the time the channel exists, ProcessTransportPacketFrom() is not called anymore. And then it just hangs indefinitely and server doesn't care. ???????

Reproduction: Launch server + 2 clients on same computer -> 1 client loads other hangs. Any further clients hangs up. Having only 1 client at a time, ever, (e.g. launch 1 kill launch 1 kill ) preserves a working server. Launch 2 -> kill both -> further clients will still hang.

This is hanging _really_ early in the process and I can't tell why. They just exchanged keys, created the channel, and bam nothing works??

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