Aspects/RMI's on non-player entities?

As in title, how do I implement this?

I've tried (bogus is a component of IBogus). (Delegate to one random player that connected)
INetChannel *netChannel = gEnv->pGameFramework->GetNetChannel(pEntity->GetNetEntity()->GetChannelId());
gEnv->pNetContext->DelegateAuthority(g_pBogus->GetEntityId(), netChannel);

Plus 8 or so hours on other bug fixes + digging through CE's netcode....looking at ContextView etc. sure didn't help lol.

Bogus::NetSerialize doesn't trigger. Gagh....missing something obvious but it's just not working for me.

I just want aspect 'SampleAspect' to be ran through Bogus, to send a collection of entity-independent data from the Server to all the Clients.

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