After loading;

Cryengine loads levels after loading being completed. Is that possible to prevent starting a level after loading being completed?
Because i'd like to add "press button" function to make game start. Just like Crysis 3. Any ideas? How can i reach there through C++?

Re: After loading;

You can setup a UI cover, basically I would Set up a FG with it loading the level but displaying a menu or something cover the entire screen so the player see's the screen ( just like when you pause the game ) as the level is being loaded or is loaded already the once Button is pressed, get rid of screen and spawn player

Re: After loading;

Not sure if I understand you correctly.. But Cryengine DOES NOT load map automatically. It needs for example console command to be activated - map mapName.
So as long as you do not call this command, you should get black screen, with nothing loaded in there. Without map loaded you can load UI interfaces of yours, without any issues.
In other words.. Map is not required to be loaded for using UI systems in Cryengine.
So you create UI Button, and when you press it, make it call Cryengine command line - map mapName. You can either use flowgraph or c++ for it.

If you want to have level loaded though, but prevent Player from spawning on the level, just comment out the code that is responsible for spawning player in the first place, and instead of this - spawn simple camera in there, to see level if you wish. Then when you press button - execute player spawn code.
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