(SOLVED) Hit Reactions System dont playing my anim ?


like said in doc :
http://docs.cryengine.com/display/SDKDO ... ons+System
and http://docs.cryengine.com/display/SDKDO ... escription

i try to play an animation on hit with the simple code:

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<DeathHitReactionsParams> <HitReactionParam> <ReactionAnim> <AnimNames> <AnimName name="my_hit_anim"/> </AnimNames> </ReactionAnim> </HitReactionParam> </DeathHitReactionsParams>
but the animation in not played when i hit the AI.

Is this system still working ? or is it any trick to use it ?
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Re: Hit Reactions System dont playing my anim ?

i know how to play a fragment from the hitdeaths xml, but that not what im asking. ^^

in the doc, it say we can call directly an anim from the hitdeaths XML.
Example is the doc: ( http://docs.cryengine.com/display/SDKDO ... escription )

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<HitReactionParam> <ReactionAnim additive="1" layer="5"> <AnimNames> <AnimName name="stand_tac_hitBelly_rifle_add_3p_01"/> <AnimName name="stand_tac_hitShoulder_rifle_add_3p_01"/> <AnimName name="stand_tac_hitShoulderHMG_rifle_add_3p_0" variants="3"/> <!-- variants="3" above is equivalent to: <AnimName name="stand_tac_hitShoulderHMG_rifle_add_3p_01"/> <AnimName name="stand_tac_hitShoulderHMG_rifle_add_3p_02"/> <AnimName name="stand_tac_hitShoulderHMG_rifle_add_3p_03"/> --> </AnimNames> </ReactionAnim> </HitReactionParam>
this should calling directly anims from xml without any fragments in mannequin, no ?

so my question is: is this system still working ? ( calling anims from the xml, without mannequin )
or is it depreciated ?

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