Custom blendspace parameters - Is it possible?

Hi, I was just wondering if that's possible at all. If anyone knows something about how to implement new eMotionParamIDs, please share it here.

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enum EMotionParamID
   eMotionParamID_TravelSpeed = 0,
   eMotionParamID_TravelAngle,     //!< Forward, backwards and sidestepping.
   eMotionParamID_TurnAngle,       //!< Idle2Move and idle-rotations.
   eMotionParamID_TravelDist,      //!< Idle-steps.
   eMotionParamID_StopLeg,         //!< Move2Idle.

   eMotionParamID_BlendWeight,     //!< Custom parameters.
   eMotionParamID_BlendWeight_Last = eMotionParamID_BlendWeight7,


Simple adding extra eMotionParamID_MyWeight will obviously not work. There is more to it. But what?
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