Editor binaries that correspond to github.


I'm trying to setup a project using the binaries on github, and I'm having problems launching the editor. I'm assuming the crash is related to the fact I'm trying to copy editor binaries over from the launcher into my project folder with binaries that have been compiled with the github sources.

Is there editor binary "drops" that correspond with each of the individual branches, that I can just drag and drop into my project folder? I

Re: Editor binaries that correspond to github.

GitHub engine built using vs2015 in profile x64 configuration should produce compatible binaries with the launcher versions.

Make sure you clone to release branch from the GitHub repository.
Build (not sure is vs version matters) using vs2015 in profile x64 configuration.
Copy the Editor folder from the launcher engine root to your cloned github engine root.
Also copy the GameZero folder.
And also the "Engine" folder (merge, but **do not overwrite**)
Copy all the files inside the win_x64 from the launcher bin folder, paste over (merge) but **do not overwrite** into your github bin/win_x64 folder.

Sandbox should automatically launch the gamezero binary when you launch the sandbox executable.

good luck.
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Re: Editor binaries that correspond to github.

Don't forget to switch to the Git tag that matches the release of the editor / CRYENGINE that you are using. If you're copying the editor from 5.3.3 then make sure that is the tag that you have checked out in Git. I didn't see a tag for 5.3.4, but it's pretty easy to spot the last commit on the release branch, that's the the commit you want to check out for 5.3.4.

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