Re: [GameSDK] Problem while Implementing a weapon

Never mind. I want to thank you for the time you invested to help me out.
If I can find a way to trigger a module, I'll write back here.
But everything is fine now. It's not really a performance issue. The UI Action is rarely activated and has only few nodes. So I could even use this approach for a release.
Thank's for the help.

What I have achieved now is a working flashlight with a battery system. The battery system uses Gametokens, so that a level designer could easily adjust the settings or even access and modify them via FG (like "How many batteries does the player have", "How many can the player maximally hold" or "How long does a battery power the flashlight").
The system also accesses the Flash UI and updates it. So that te player can see how many batteries he has and of course there is a battery image which displays the current battery status (you can imagine it like the UI battery in Outlast).
Furthermore I have a LUA code for the actual battery. The battery can be picked up and I can activate a pulse glow on it and some other settings.
The LUA script handels everything without FG. So it can add a battery to the system when it's picked up and it of course checks, if the player already reached the maximum battery limit and so on.
So everything is working fine.

Thanks for the help.

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