Hidden entity

Does Cryengine calculate something about hidden entity?
I mean, if i separate an object into pieces and hide it and take its original version(not separated one) and make it visible till it get damage, would my other, separated object be calculated?

Re: Hidden entity

I can't tell you the answer, but it's easy to find out:
In C#, derive a class from EntityComponent.
Override the OnUpdate(float frameTime) function, and write
Log.Always("Hi from hidden entity") in it and compile it.
Then, in Sandbox make a new empty level, add an entity, hide it and add the EntityComponent to it.
Run your level. If, in the Console you see your message, you know that CryEngine is calculating your hidden entity.

It's a little stressful in uni right now, but if I find the time, I'll edit my post with the result.

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