Rendering issues on Ubuntu

I am trying to run GameSDK(5.3.3 Release) on Ubuntu 16.04.
My steps are:
  1. clone CE github repo
  2. run
  3. cmake -D CMAKE_C_COMPILER="/usr/bin/gcc-4.9" -D CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER="/usr/bin/g++-4.9" -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -D CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE="MY_PATH_TO_CRYENGINE/Tools/CMake/toolchain/linux/Linux_GCC.cmake" .
  4. make
  5. download GameSDK and Engine assets folders from win CE version
  6. run GameLauncher
So, window is created, first i see cryengine logo in bottom left corner, after loading I see black screen + wrong rendered r_displayInfo (it is splitted on two parts) + console is rendered badly too( I see only small part of it)
There is a spam of message in game.log
<19:13:52> [Error] DXGL: Framebuffer is not complete (status = 8CD9) : [@?] MY_PATH_TO_CRYENGINE/Code/CryEngine/RenderDll/XRenderD3D9/DXGL/Implementation/GLResource.cpp(1468)

Game.log link ... 3ppUmQwdEk
Can you check my build steps above and help understand errors, because I can't do it by myself in reasonable time?
thanks in advance

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