Re: Schematyc functions

Hi there,

Instead of using the Argument type of EntityId, change it to Schematyc::ExplicitEntityId.

So your function looks like:

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void CInfectedAreaComponent::Entering(Schematyc::ExplicitEntityId Id) {
//Set that there is a player inside
bIsInside = true;
//Increment the player count inside the area
//Calls the function that adds the player to the area and such

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Re: Schematyc functions


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CScriptGraphSendSignalNode::ExecuteSendToObject CScriptGraphSendSignalNode::ExecuteSendToEntity CScriptGraphSendSignalNode::ExecuteBroadcast CScriptGraphArrayForEachNode::CreateLayout(CScriptGraphNodeLayout& layout) layout.AddInput("In", CryGUID(), { EScriptGraphPortFlags::Flow, EScriptGraphPortFlags::MultiLink }); layout.AddOutput("Out", CryGUID(), EScriptGraphPortFlags::Flow); layout.AddOutput("Loop", CryGUID(), EScriptGraphPortFlags::Flow);

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