[5.4] IDE Support?

I know it's possible to reset the GUIDs in .csprojs to get vs2017 to load a .sln but this stops short of debugging capabilities and requires repitition on every project generation. Since Xamarin studio is now now longer extant, what is the status of the vs2017 visx? I've seen the project file in the github repo but it looks to be no longer in active development.

Re: [5.4] IDE Support?

We are currently working on an extension for Visual Studio that would add debugging support to C# projects. You can take a sneak peak at the extension here https://github.com/CRYTEK/CRYENGINE/tre ... ger/source. It is currently being developed for Visual Studio 2017 and should make it possible to start and debug the GameLauncher, Sandbox and dedicated server.
I installed this extension but I get this error when I try to debug my CS project:

Re: [5.4] IDE Support?

I installed this extension but I get this error when I try to debug my CS project:
Currently the Mono Debugger can only attach to the engine if Mono is started suspended. This functionality has only been added recently to the engine, so it's currently not possible with CRYENGINE 5.4. Once the extension is officially released the engine will also support it, which would probably be in one of the next engine updates.

If you're building the engine from the Github sources however you might be able to get the change that adds support for starting mono in a suspended state. The specific change can be found here. With this change if the engine is started with -monoSuspend 1 as one of the command line arguments it will start mono suspended. The extension will automatically add this argument whenever it starts the engine.

Keep in mind that the Visual Studio extension as it is right now on Github is still in development. So there's a big chance it contains bugs and will be modified more before it's released officially.

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