Re: Pathfinder component

At the moment it's not possible to use the C++ default components in C#. That means that you can add the default components to entities in your C# project, but you won't be able to interact with them directly from your C# code (this is something we're researching to possibly add in the future).
So for now to solve your problem you would have to create a C# Pathfinder component (you can take a look at the C++ component for reference) and use the functions and classes in CryEngine.Common to get access to the functions exposed by SWIG to create your own component. I haven't looked into this myself though, so I'm not sure if the functions exposed by SWIG will be enough to get this working, especially since SWIG often has trouble with sending pointers and arrays between managed and unmanaged code.
There is also the ManagedMovementRequest that you might be able to use to receive MovementRequest callbacks from the engine.

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