Weird exception when creating new entity

I created new entity in C++ and I have this error
I commented my Code and this error appear when I register my component in the editor!!
I created 2 other components and they are working fine and they are the same code

Note My Code compiler but editor crash and this error shows
Exception thrown: read access violation. pData was 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF4.

this where the code breaks in CryString.h

Code: Select all

template<class T> inline void CryStringT<T >::_FreeData(StrHeader* pData) { if (pData->nRefCount >= 0) // Not empty string.
When I comment the follow code it works-

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void CGeomComponent::Register(Schematyc::IEnvRegistrar& registrar) { Schematyc::CEnvRegistrationScope scope = registrar.Scope(IEntity::GetEntityScopeGUID()); { Schematyc::CEnvRegistrationScope componentScope = scope.Register(SCHEMATYC_MAKE_ENV_COMPONENT(CGeomComponent)); { } } } CRY_STATIC_AUTO_REGISTER_FUNCTION(&CGeomComponent::Register)

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