How can I update the code for the newer version?

Hi all,

Previously, I had a few errors. I think, they were about the update. I tried but an unexpected problem occured.
However, now, I'm using Cryengine's "3.8.6" version by the permission of ALLAH and it is good.

Now, I'm using Visual Studio 2012 and my code is little bit older.
If anyone knows that how can I update it for the Cryengine "3.8.6" or "5", It would be good.

Here are ".cpp" and ".h":

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//Cpp. #include "StdAfx.h" #include "TopDownCamera.h" #include "IViewSystem.h" #include "IEntitySystem.h" #include "IGame.h" #include "IGameFramework.h" #include "ILevelSystem.h" #include "IScriptSystem.h" void buildTopDownCamera() { // Find our top down camera entity by name in the game. As far as i heard, without it, game crashes. IEntity *pEntity = gEnv->pSystem->GetIEntitySystem()->FindEntityByName("TopDownCamera"); //Build a pointer to the IViewSystem interface named pViewSystem. IViewSystem *pViewSystem = gEnv->pGame->GetIGameFramework()->GetIViewSystem(); //Get the id of our new view. unsigned int ViewId = pViewSystem->GetViewId(pView); //Set our new view to the active one. pViewSystem->SetActiveView(ViewId); } bool IsLevelLoaded(bool bIsLoaded) { if (bIsLoaded == true) { return true; } ILevelSystem *pLevelSystem = gEnv->pGameFramework->GetILevelSystem(); bIsLoaded = pLevelSystem->IsLevelLoaded(); return bIsLoaded; }

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//H. #pragma once void buildTopDownCamera(); bool IsLevelLoaded(bool bIsLoaded);

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