Unable to build from sources release branch from GitHub (5.6.7)

Hello, I've cloned CryEngine from GitHub, downloaded SDKs\FbxSdk as it was described in tutorial.
But then I've got a lot of problems with build after I created MSVS 2019 x64 solution.
1. These 7 projects need /WX- because of a lot of warnings related to int -> double -> float type casts: CryFlowGraph, CryMovie, CryRenderD3D11, CryRenderD3D12, CryRenderVulkan, CrySystem, CryGameSDK.
2. This one need /permissive because of it uses a lot of pointers to temporary objects: CryRenderD3D12.
and finally I can't build the last one whatever I do:
3. This one RC unable to be built because of szlib.h: No such file or directory RC-prefix\src\RC-build\hdf5\hdf5.vcxproj whatever I do with SDKs\szip and whatever it exists or not.
Please help me to pass at least first steps of CryEngine tutorial.

Re: Unable to build from sources release branch from GitHub (5.6.7)


I had the same issues when building.
Regarding szlib try to copy the szip SDK as described on the GitHub page (https://github.com/CRYTEK/CRYENGINE#building), this was not mentioned in the video as it was a later addition.
Also I manually added SDKs zip from the releases page (https://github.com/CRYTEK/CRYENGINE/releases). Not sure if needed - was lazy to check.

I had a clean build when I switched to VS2017, however was able to build 2019 too but with some work to remove warnings etc.

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