Actionmapping Microphone

Hey Lads,

I'm new here and I must admit, I am kind of sad. Since I do have to submit an assignment for some lecture at college about game-engines I decided to go with CryEngine. Since I think it deserves way more recognition.

Anyway. We do have the task to show something out of the engine and do something. We are free to pick what we want to do so I had a very stupid idea, where I wanted to connect the controls to the Audio Input, captured by a microphone. Other engines to have the possibility to get the microphone input. Sadly, given the docs and after searching with DuckDuckGo/Google I didn't find anything similar in CryEngine.

The Docs only referred to this, which is not what I want. Basically I want to capture the sound of a microphone and use it for ActionMapping (e.g. the louder your mic, the faster you run).

Is there a way to do this, or is there no way for me to do this? :(


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